Ski Country Special Mustang

Dear Ford, You should bring back the Ski Country Special Mustang for Winter 2012-March 2013. You should add the original badges where the original badges were placed on the 1967 Mustang. You should also have the ski rack, snow tires, equa lock rear axle coffee bar, and medallations like the original did. The Original Colors: Aspen Red, Loveland Green , Vail Blue, Brechenridge Yellow, and Winter Park Turquoise
offered on the orignal Ski Country Special Mustang should be offered on the new Ski Country Special Mustang. I want Mustang fans and owners to have a better Winter with carrying ski's on the back of their mustang with the ski rack. The New Ski Country Special Mustang should be sold from Mountain Area of Colorado to Denver, Colorado area. I think like 5,000 to 8,000 units should be produced. I hope this can happen during the 2013 Model Year of the Mustang or the 2014 Model Year, which is the last year of the SN197 Mustang Body. Have a great week and a good 2013 Model Year!!!

Jared White