Shortbed Regular Cab Pickup Canvas

By Paul F.

I am tired of seeing same type trucks at Auto Shows. Passion and Personalization displayed on a icon canvas sells like hot cakes in big cities and small towns. Where are the Shortbed Ford Regular cab pick-ups???

I've attended many a car show in Detroit and Houston and for the past three years I've come away disappointed. All the manufacturers of pickups display only extended cab or crew cabs. Please bring back the full size shortbed regular cab pickup well equipped on the inside but leave the outside as a bold blank canvas for personalization.

Like the Mustang Bullet or Boss, the shortbed truck has always been a status symbol for the lone wolf or bad boy image. I want mine in a super bright red or blue single bold color with the old style drag racing wheels - chrome or subdued gray like on the Mustang Bullet.

Why would I want a Ranger if I can have a full size shortbed that has more features, performance and gets the same or better fuel mileage? Names to consider....try Ford Taser, Lone Wolf, Badger, Honey Badger, Wolverine or Fantic to name just a few.

Thanks for letting me vent and post this idea.