Shift options

I love my 2012 Focus and the 6 speed automatic/manual transmission. I would like to see an option added to the sport (S) mode on the transmission. The current implementation is great as it automatically downshifts etc. Unfortunately at times it will decide to downshift because of a small hill resulting being stuck in a low gear doing 3-4000 rpm at 30 mph. Likewise at times the engine may be lugging a little and it may be desirable to shift to a lower gear. Provide in one of the setup screens an option for true manual mode vs what I'll call Sport/manual mode.
Here's how I'd like to see it work: In true manual mode you shift completely manual, only protected my two things. 1. Force a shift at over rev speeds (as it does now) 2. Automatically shift back to first gear when completely stopped. In Sport/Manual mode allow manual shifting but don't keep me in manual mode as it does now. Revert back to normal Sport mode at stop, or at a point where I'm not applying gas or obviously slowing. Another way to implement would be to have a manual shift release button that would revert the transmission back to Sport mode.
Augie O 03/22/2012
I think the way I described it for true manual mode would work fine for starting in a higher gear. While it may automatically go to 1st gear when stopped there no reason one couldn't immediately shift it to 2nd or 3rd. As I would like to see it implemented is the only time it goes back to first is at a complete stop foot of the gas. All other times totally manual control for what I call the manual mode.
Isaac Johnson 02/20/2012
Ford should incorporate 8-speed transmissions into each of their vehicles. Much of the competition has done so already and are reaping the benefits of greater performance and efficiency.
Rich Linder 02/07/2012
Unless it is a twin clutch (geared) type, I do not consider an "paddle shift" automatic to be a "Manual Gearbox". And, if the twin clutch gearbox is as clunky as the one in the current Focus, forget about it.
Anthony Lombardy 01/30/2012
Good idea, except allow starting in higher gear to assist traction when starting in snow/ice.
Brad Krekelberg 01/30/2012
I think maybe this could be achieved if the Focus used the same setup for manual shifting as the current Fusion does, where the lever is moved from "S" over into a manual gate (and then up or down for gear changes, of course). if you want Sport mode to take over, you'd just slide the lever back to "S", without having to go into "D" first. The buttons on the side of the lever setup the Focus has now for manual shifting sucks. If I can't have a manual, at least make it convenient to use manual shifting. And why no paddles?