Shelby GT500 Pick-Up Truck

By Juan R.

My idea is to incorporate the same design of the 2010/2011 shelby GT500 into a pick-up truck. The truck would have the same front end of a Shelby GT500, a bed like the F-150, try to incorporate the sane rear end. Performance: it would have the same engine as the GT500. This truck would be something like what Dodge did with their dodge viper SRT-10. This Shelby GT500 pick-up truck will not only have the performance of the GT500, but the design and style of car. I drew a design of what it could possibly look like.
Benjamin 12/14/2010
I already thought dodge ram did a pretty good job at at incorporating similar characteristics of the Ford Mustang on to their trucks. The headlight design and the rake because of the way the Ford Mustangs hood sticks out further than where the bumper connects look like design cues crafted into the dodge trucks that came out after the Ford Mustang.