Seating improvement needed

By Pat F.

I have tried out the Edge, Escape and Flex... Except for the Flex -
the back row seating is horrible, too stiff, and not comfortable for long car rides.
Traveling Soccer Mom type, carting equipt, kids etc...sometimes 6-7 hour drive to
our events - my kids would be crawling out the windows if they had to sit in those back seats for hours....Can't you make a car with the comfort of the Flex but the practicality of the Escape/Edge? Even the front seats could use a little work too...
As much as I may end up with the Flex, I feel that it's the 2000 version of the woody station wagon...
Andrew h 12/21/2012
There should be more a la carte seat options available. a rear bucketbucket bench, Available Focus ST Recarro type seats for "Sport" series vehicles. I.e. Edge, Explorer, SHO