Seat ActivationTemperature

By C B.

Just got my Ex back from the dealer and the tech explained the remote start/heated seats and rear defrost.

All systems checked OK, no codes found, ambient temp sensor was fine.

At present there is no ability to set at what temperature heated or cooled seats come on, when remote starting a vehicle.

There should be an owner preference selection within MFT to allow the selection of temperature at which seat heating or cooling occurs, when remote starting the vehicle.
Jody A 12/21/2012
I agree with the above. The settings are either AUTO or OFF, what about ON? Otherwise, raise that threshold to 45 degrees or so.
James Sanford 01/02/2012
I love this idea. I was actually impressed to see that the climate came on at all, but I sure would love to have the option to set what temp. the seats come on with the remote start!
Muhammad Choudhury 12/30/2011
This is a great idea and would work so well if possible. Please Ford make it possible. Us cold people in the north need it.
Brad Brewer 11/30/2011
This is a great idea and should be an software upgrade available at the dealership. The outside temp has to be very cold before this feature works and on other GM and Chrysler products it is adjustable. The other part of this should be allowing owners the ability to activate the heated seats and HVAC from a mobile App both for Apple and Android. The GM On* App has greater functionality and Ford needs to allow its customers to keep up with the competitions features. Having a mobile App isn't ground breaking technology anymore.