Safety Driving Texting App.

When walking up to your vehicle the texting on your phone will shut off. The vehicle will sync to your cell phone and turn off the texting on your phone. When getting out of your vehicle it will come back on. And it can have a parent control set up feature to protect thier kids from texting and driving. This would save alot of lives.
Lukemc 07/24/2014
It's a noble idea but today, nearly impossible to implement ubiquitously due to mobile operating system security. For example, this would be impossible on Apple’s iOS without Apple putting it specifically inside their operating system; apps just don't have that kind of control on that platform. Assuming that wasn't an issue, imagine the user experience/cost around distinguishing who's driving (in cars where multiple people can drive it and also both or more present in the car - you don't want features disabled as a passenger).
Peter 05/14/2014
A great idea. This functionality should be mandatory.
judy mccann 05/14/2014
i had a simular idea ,i thought if they can put boxes and dui diveces in cars why cant they put some kind of divice in cars that the phone turns off as soon as the veichal starts and when its off the phone will come back on ..we did with out phones out side the home back in the day it wont make a differance .we all have answering machines ...
Robert F 05/13/2014
This idea would be a great way to keep all drivers on the road safe.
This would keep all drivers from texting and driving and help keep thier focus on driving at all times.This would also help protect our children from texting and driving and help them stay more focused while driving.