RWD / coupes / Lincoln vehicle naming

It would be nice if Ford would bring back a RWD Thunderbird and a Lincoln Mark series flagship vehicle, preferably in coupe format for both models. Mercury could benefit with an AWD, twin-turbocharged Cougar midsize coupe that would compliment the Mustang yet serve a different target audience.

Also, it would be nice if Lincoln would revert back to names. Continental, Zephyr, Aviator, and the Mark series are outstanding vehicle names. MK[insert letter here] is forgettable and does not convey the same kind of emotion.
Douglas Arnold 10/22/2011
Well said on all accounts. My impression is that Lincoln is trying to be more like BMW or Infinity ("M3" "M5" "Q45" etc). And I, too, took quite some time figuring out what the heck an "MKT" vs an "MKX" was. Also, I hear Lincoln was miffed that "Towncar" was becoming a brand name in itself -- people weren't saying "Lincoln Towncar", just "Towncar". To me, a car is truly more than an appliance as stated by Jeff Swift, and ARE an emotional decision. I do wish Lincoln would reconsider the "name game" -- mas they truly aren't throw-away cars (thanks Larry G for that description!)
Cliff 07/19/2010
Before I even read the comments, It's good to see i'm not the only consumer who thinks Lincoln/Ford needs another coupe. Bring back the Mark series as sport luxury or luxury hybrid coupe.
victor 05/26/2010
i agree--names are easyer to remember then letters---as a true FORD man i still dont know the letters of the lincolns
jeff swift 05/19/2010
I completely agree. Use the tons of advertising dollars spent in the past and use
names that are real names instead of numbers

As far as coupe's Lincoln almost created the personal luxury coupe with the Mark series. It
represented a line of cars I was happy to make the payments on due to the "look" they had sitting in my driveway. 1976 Mark IV cartier in dove grey was a great looking car for the time. Remember chrome bumpers? The last ford product I owned was a 1994 Mark VIII diamond white and a beautiful car. Lincoln styling today looks like a bad imitation of foreign cars. I look to Lincoln for
true American Style...not a less than perfect imitation of a BMW, or Audi. I bought a Mercedes last round. ...not the best looking car in the world, but Lincoln has nothing to offer I can justify paying a premium for that I can feel proud of the styling. The only product for has produced recently that I am drooling over is the new Jaguar's and even though Ford had done a fine job in producing a beautiful car, that company is no longer attatched.. If your going back to basics...use your past experience and set a trend, create a market, and lead with styling inovation to go along with the tech. and quality advances you have made. A Toyota corolla has great quality, but cars are an emotional decision for me, and I want to appreciate what I bought by looking at a great car sitting in front of the house after washing it on a weekend. I dont want a reliable appliance....I dont wash and wax my washer and dryer
larry G 05/18/2010
A real name, is for a real car with witch the manufacturer expects to build brand value and recognition. Throw away cars don't have names, or have odd, made up words as names.