There is a HUGE market for the mustang V8 to be available in Right Hand Drive both here in the UK and in other RHD countries such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand and even Cyprus!

Here in the UK the Mustang GT would be an obvious choice over its European rivals of similar price range and in light of the current economic climate I believe that FORD should not overlook the huge market potential of RHD Mustangs.

Given that some conversion companies are able to charge $25000 for RHD conversion it is obvious what the magnitude of the demand is and I myself was only concerned about potential MOT failure here in the UK for not proceeding with a conversion.

I can assure FORD that at the current USA Mustang prices I would be the first to order a RHD should it become available. Even if the RHD is not mass produced but only available to order with a small (specialist requirement) fee it would still be a huge sales hit that as stated above would threaten leading European rivals.

What you waiting for FORD? Show us what your made of!
Haren G 02/17/2013
I totally agree! This is the very reason I joined the FORD social group here. ( but for Africa )

Regardless of size V6 or V8. ( in fact for Africa i do believe the V6 would move a lot more for various reasons )

Not only for Europe, but take it from someone in Africa! I totally think that the MUSTANG would do great here in Africa, a 200MPH car with a base price under 60grand!? The name and image of the MUSTANG!? I think it would do great considering the types and class of cars we have imported here. ( the price range of import vehicles being far far higher and frankly some are no where close to the performance of the MUSTANG ) Like I said. the reason I joined the social network here was to ask this very question and to hope it gets kicked up the chain with the hope of FORD producing the MUSTANG and unleashing them in Africa in right hand drive (RHD) format. The Ford Rangers seem to be doing quite well here which were priced quite reasonably for a well stocked vehicle, I do think that the MUSTANG would just shine out here.

I also agree and have the same thoughts, if FORD does not want to mass produce the MUSTANGS in RHD, I do hope there will be considerations for making them on specialist orders at a nominal fee to factory produce in RHD. Simply market the availability of the RHD MUSTANG at dealerships and in major potential markets just watch how the orders pour in.
I do hope to hear back about the MUSTANG.