RHD Transit Connect

Make the Transit Connect available in a right hand drive for rural mail carriers . i can guarantee you there would be a market for them. Can you say "high demand"?
Carol 01/16/2014
I am a rural carrier and want a transit for my route. I think this would be perfect. Right now I am driving a 2000 Ford Ranger and have put it through a lot of miles. She is getting worn out. I want a transit but right hand drive. Looking for one. Please help Ford.
Robert D 10/17/2013
I have contacted you before on this issue and was told that there are no plans currently to design a vehicle like I am requesting. I wanted to message again to ask a question and propose an idea. I am a rural mail carrier. Jeep has factory built rhd vehicles but they are the only ones that I know of in the United States offering them. There are conversion kits one can purchase but my subject is true right hand drive vehicles. If Ford would make a rhd transit that was equipped with all wheel drive I think that they would gain from sales from rural mail carriers. The transmissions and cooling systems would have to be stregthened but I don't think it would be a terrible burden since these types of vehicles are available overseas. I would be interested in purchasing one if it was ever produced. I believe that Ford supplies Transits for the Canadian Postal System.
DUANE S 10/15/2013
Huge market for sales and service to thousands of mail carriers and possibly the United States Postal Service iteslf.
micheal c 07/05/2013
I talked to rep at FORD today but alas with the introduction of the 2014 T.C. we are being passed over again. Why Ford wants to keep Chrysler (Jeep) in business is beyond my level of understanding. Our 10 year old gas guzzling, repair loving, route vehicle will be replaced at the end of this year by more of the same. What a shame, BUILD THE DAMN THING ALREADY, I have been a loyal ford fan since my dad brought home that 1971 Ranger xlt (390/3 on tree). How about a little CUSTOMER loyalty, you have nothing to lose and more loyal fans to gain!
Carol D 01/15/2013
You are missing out on a huge market with rural mail carriers. I and many others would buy one tommorrow if offered as a right-hand drive vehicle for mail delivery