retro Mustang

I'd love to see Ford come out with an exact reproduction of the 1965 - 1967 Mustang.
Katri Lietsala 12/04/2011
I would love to have something similar to a Mustang but with proper back seats and somesort of ecological way to drive (a hybrid?).
michael dwyer 11/30/2011
if Ford just has to stay retro, they should think in terms of the 69 Mustang. It was and in my opinion still is the most beautiful that Ford ever built.
Wm Schwatz 11/21/2011
i really like the 65 to 67 Mustangs but i think that reproducing the style would take away from the classic look and wouldn't be as unique anymore. The 67/68 fastback was always my favorite Mustang in the corral.