retro body styles

The past few years I've noticed that a lot of modern cars look the same due to computer design. It's gotten boring, no matter what the manufacturer. The only company that has looked outside the box really has been Chrysler with their PT cruiser, prowler, and concept Atlantic. Even they had mixed results.

With the new carbon fibers, weight isn't an issue anymore, so what I would like to suggest is this:

I love the stylings of autos from the 30's to the 50's. How about bringing back some of those styles like the flying fenders
suicide doors and back seats that actually have legroom. Those cars had style and individuality, something lacking in todays cars.
Cade P 10/27/2012
yes they should bring back some individuality like reel rounder cars like from the 50's and chrome inside and out
Lee L 08/25/2012
Build a new Retro F-150 based on a '50's model and put the ecoboost engine under the hood... Use your imagination. if done right you could sell over 5000 limited edition trucks.
Brian P 08/07/2012
Ford doesn't need this as much as Lincoln: The new designs for Lincoln are a hot mess with nothing to recommend them over the comparable Ford. Lincoln would do well to go back to the 2002 Continental Concept or even the 1995 Lincoln Sentinel Concept for the future of Lincoln design.
Brad B 08/07/2012
Hey William P. ! Brand identity is everything, such as Buick's waterfall front grill. With the *One Ford idea we have an identity. The 3-Bar grill like my Fusion that translates well to other Ford Models. With the current offerings from Ford like the C-Max, Focus, and Fiesta you know it's a Ford right away. I just would like to see the Grand C-Max makes it's way into the 2013 line-up. Also, in this world of retro some things last, some don't. You mentioned the PT Cruiser, I'll throw in the Chevy HHR. Both models are gone. Now with that said I like the older cars, but they are from a by-gone-era. The reproduce them would be a dis-service to their history. 40 years from now a 2012 Mustang will be a collector's car, and someone, somewhere will say ... I wish they'd bring back cars like those.