retractable metal roof

It's basically a hard top that retracts automatically into the trunk.
JACK W 07/01/2014
This is an excellent idea. I search and search for a convertible for 10 months before buying the one that I did. My first call was a 67 coup Mustang and I miss is every day. When I looked at the Mustang convertible I really didn't care for the hinges exposed and looking at the Mercedes, Lexus, Volvo, Audi even the VW EOS had them covered up when the top was down. It makes it look cleaner, smoother lines. I chose the Lexus ISC 250 for the retracible hard top and a few other reasons. The seats move forward at a touch of the button to allow some older riders to easliy slide in the back seat not to mention the back seat had much more room then the Mustang. Lets face it, when your riding with the top down you want to take a couple of your friends with you ... but it's no fun when they have to sit with their knees in thier chest. The dashboard on the Lexus was cleaner, rich looking as apposed to the crome plated plastic that made the inside of the Mustang look cheap. I was very disappointed in the Mustang even when I saw the price tag in the high $30's to low $40's depending on the options. I bought my Lexus for the same price and feel I got so much more for my ride. Ford Engineers should take a field trip to other dealerships to see the best of all worlds and encoporate them into the next Mustang.