Restore the OLD GRILLE

By Josh A.

Get rid of the UGLY 2013 Ford Fusion Grille and put back the sexy 2010-2012 Grille.
Richard G. Belmore 04/13/2013
My gosh ! Don't do that ! The new grill makes the Fusion one of the most beautiful cars out there without spending $100,000.00.
David F 04/08/2013
I think the 2013 Ford Fusion grille looks awesome!
Andrew S 03/28/2013
This is the single worst idea in the history of today.
Karu J 03/12/2013
Open bass mouth grille, Ford brought this back from old time. I love this.
Matt D 02/20/2013
Wat? The new Fusion is gorgeous! I love the new grille!
Seth R 02/07/2013
The new ford fusion looks amazing. DON'T CHANGE IT.