redesigned Ford Expedition

We need a redesign of the Expedition/Expedition EL. A redesign that will resemble that of the F-150 more than it currently does and that will better compete with the Chevy Tahoe/Suburban. I would LOVE it if the Excursion came back....but we all know that will never happen.

P.S. An SUV built from the SVT Raptor would be a hit! I would buy one!
Ford guy 10/15/2013
I am a Ford guy through and through, but this lack of redesign for the Expedition has me seriously considering the just updated Cadillac Escalade.  Especially since it includes fold down flat rear seats.  Wake up Ford and update the Expedition!!!!
Jb 06/07/2013
Yes I agree! We've been wanting to buy an expedition but the design is boring esp the back end/bumper and its a gas guzzler.
Derrick B 03/23/2013
I completely agree with the above comments. I'm a Ford man through and through along with the rest of my family, and we all say its time for a new look. We have owned 4 expeditions between families in the previous decade and are anxiously awaiting a new redesign. The current models are lacking in comfort, design and fuel economy. Personally I would love to see a SUV loosely desined to the F-150, WITH AN ECOBOOST. What a hit this engine is and it would be perfect for an expedition. Lets be honest too, the people that are buying these vehicles aren't city people who want to haul alot of groceries, they are the affluent and many times rural population that has a large demand for this kind of truck. Please Ford finish your lineup with a new, awesome, quality design to compete and beat the GM lineup.
JD 01/23/2013
Please FORD come out with a 2014 Expedition based upon your Atlas concept truck (same basic looks, with a vista roof, push button start system and a liftgate that opens with your foot under the back bumper like the new Escape. You would beat everyone in the market if you came out with this product (expecially if it had the EcoBoost 3.5 or 3.7 L engine). Please do this. I would buy one, trading my my F-150 Super Crew to get one.
Louis 12/28/2012
I am a Ford Expedition man. I am still driving my 1998 because newer models are not inspiring, until now maybe. If there is an Expedition Raptor SVT, I would buy one without second thought.
Jeff 12/06/2012
Looking for a redesigned expedition el, with f150 features and updates. I am looking forward to see what gm offers in suburban 2014. Come on ford give a ford owner a reason to stay.
William (Bill) H 06/03/2012
I have owned 10-12 Suburbans, and currently own a 2004 and a 2008. But with what GM has done to this vehicle I am ready for a change. In the 2004 with the third seat out and the second seats folded up I can carry a 4x8 sheet of plywood, or drywall. To do so in the 2008, I would have to cut 9-10" off. Plus the 2004 with the 6.0 and 3.73 rear end (same as the 2008) gets 2.5 or more miles to the gallon? The Expedition EL with a redesigned and updated exterior, and the Ecoboost motor would snatch me away from GM in a heartbeat.
Michael 05/19/2012
Can't wait for an Expedition redesign. It needs BlIS, vista roof, push button start, heated steering wheel, SYNC with MFT, console in the second row and the liftgate you can waive your foot under to open!
Ben kabus 01/18/2012
I have a 2011 explorer would love to trade for a redesigned expedition, just not real fond of the boxy look they sport now. If they just made it look like the explorer only bigger I would be ready to trade
Bryce McD 01/02/2012
My wife and I really want a 2012 expedition el 4x4 in limited or king ranch an ecoboost would seal the deal for us. Looking forward to a redesign just keep the interior space and the quality of the interior.
grayson bowen 05/08/2011
Love the expedition but it needs more styling! Make people want the car. Put some luxurious touches such as on the Denali. The Tahoe and suburban just look coolier! Make it were anyone would want to drive it! Make it a guys SUV too!
Darcia 12/31/2010
We have an expedition el. I love it practically wise - there are lots of people buying them around here since the suburban interior is lacking despite their powerful exterior. Regardless, the satisfaction of owning them is downplayed by the fact they are pretty boring looking. Love ford - have had lots of ford vehciles- but the truth hurts. Get some styling on these and they could literally corner the market. Lots of cargo, bells and whistles and reliable. They have revamped the rest of the line up and I feel they are really missing potential customers with this styling. We have a 2007 limited el and nothing has changed minus a phone sync. Make us want to get the new one!!!! Also, please put some speakers in the back for the kids. We don\\'t want them using headphones so the ones in the middle are getting blasted so it is loud enough for the back. Oh - and some reading lights for the 3rd row would be GREATLY appreciated. Details sell a vehicle. Regardless, we are looking forward to the new 2012 engine we have heard about!
Tom 04/27/2010
I bought a 2010 F150 supercrew because I wanted the extra leg room. I looked at the tahoe, suburban, expedition and expedition EL. My F-150 has more legroom in the backseat than any of these. Being 6'7" tall, my seat goes back pretty far. I could not place a rear facing child seat behind me in any of these vehicles. My F-150 has almost 5 inches of clearance. I would have loved to have an Expedition EL if it had the same room.

The other problem with the expedition is the low clearance. It is obvious that this vehicle is designed for soccer moms who don't want a minivan, but to the truck guys, it IS a mini van. Give me more clearance, and some bigger tires (preferably 34"-35"). I second the raptor comment.

Do this, and I will sell my truck and buy an Expedtion EL.
john 04/26/2010
I saw a Ford Everest when I was on vacation in Aruba. It is diesel powered, slightly smaller than the Expy but bigger than the Explorer. 7 passenger seating too! It is made in South America and looks really cool. Since Ford is trying to leverage more global platforms, why not use this as the platform for a future Explorer?
bill 04/21/2010
I agree with your comments, the expedition needs some change, mainly in its engine.. i do not know if diesel is the best route..i think they need a engine to compete with the GM suv's.. they should put the new 6.2 in the f250 into the expedition
Kevin 04/18/2010
I agree, I'll keep my Excursion until a suitable replacement comes out. The current Expedition has no character. One engine only the 5.4L. Ford needs a smaller diesel in it.