Redesign the E series and Offer the Transit connect for smaller requirements

Dear Ford, There is a a lot of people who want the E series to be saved because Ambulance Compaines have converted to GM Ambulances because there is no diesel offered in the E series. The Ford Transit vans don't have that towing capacity like the E Series does.Here is the solution for you guys, Redesign the E series and keep it Unibody and Put the 6.2 V8 and the 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel for companies who need a lot of towing capacity and The US needs the E series to keep Ambulances, Buses, Shuttles, School Buses, and Moving Vans going and Offer the Transit with the Ecoboost as the smaller van for companies who need smaller towing capacity and can carry smaller cargo and get good gas mileage. The Chevy Express is killing the E series so bad because No Diesel is offered. Please Ford, Save the E Series and keep the Transit for smaller companies and follow my idea. I hope Mr.Mually reads this idea.

Jared White