Re-invent classic cars

I absolutley love classic cars. I love the old models especially the '66 ford mustang. However, I would love to have a newer model of the '50's-60's Ford Mustang. I would like to see the same body style, but with newer advance technology of today. Better gas mileage, and a little more sleeker, convertable and eco friendly. Maybe toss in cd players, gps system. I would love to see the same model types, just up-to-date. I would love to see any of the old models re-invented. Thank you.
Alec s 05/08/2012
who dont yall city folk go buy a classic and then fix it up and put all that stuff in it?
Tricia K 04/12/2012
I'm with Jennifer! I would love to see an old style Mach I (I know it's been done before but come on, it just doesn't get any better) but add a programmable driver's seat! My hubby just keep moving my seat and it drives me nut! He's needs his own 'stang. HHmmm maybe I'll give him the 45th anniversary and buy myself a 50th. Thanks FORD for the great Ride!