Ranger SVT-R

By Erik S.

A high performance Ranger with a 6spd manual or auto, powered by either a 5.0 v8 or a 3.5L Ecoboost. A lower stance than a stock Ranger for better aerodynamics and handling, beefier front and rear sway bars, big disc brakes for stopping, 18 or 19" high performance wheels w/ low profile tires (something similar or equivalent to a stock GT Mustang), front spoiler, true dual exhaust, IRS etc. Since the Ranger is about the same weight or less than the current Mustang, this truck would be a real performing truck.
James Defelice 04/24/2011
yes the 5.0 will be too big and heavy on frontend of the ranger the 3.5 v6 would be better or a 3.5 v6 supercharged call it a ranger sc