By Hank B.

Bring the Ranger back to the U.S.
Larry S 10/28/2013
If Ford would produce a small pickup with a manly body style that looked clean and sharp, without the cheap black plactic grill and bumpers, I would buy it. I do not need nor want $6,000 worht of electronic gagetry, just a basic truck that looks good. If it was under $20,000, that would be good.
bill b 10/18/2013
yes it saves more fuel and it beats the chevy canyon.
LJL 08/31/2013
All I ever drove is a Ranger.  I have a 2000 Ranger and will drive it as long as I can.  I am really disappointed that they quit making the ranger.  They need to bring it back!
L.C. Starling 08/15/2013
If Ford came out with the original Bronco to compete with jeep, ?????
John C 08/12/2013
I love my 2005 V6 Ranger, the very best truck I have ever owned.  I have owned 2 F150s and hated them both.  The F150 is  a disaster in the city, clumsy on the road.  The Ranger suits my needs perfectly.  With an eco-boost engine, I bet the Ranger could do 26 or 28 on the highway. 

My alternative is the Toyota Tundra, which I find clumsy and hard to drive.  It is not natural like my Rangers. Bring back the Ranger! 
Frank, Ranger for ever. 08/03/2013
I agree with Hank B. I will buy another Ranger if they bring it back soon. I'm ready.