Queen Ranch Edition

I love the idea of an F-150 geared toward females (similar to the Harley Davidson special edition). When I look at a King Ranch Edition I think of a man’s truck and with all the female truck drivers out there I think it’s time we start a new trend for female trucks! Today's market is gearing more and more items towards females, it's time Ford joins in! Again, the King Ranch Edition is a man’s truck, when I envision the Queen Ranch Edition I see a smaller, but tall F-150 similar to the FTX and Raptor. Pink (or other feminine color) emblems, easy access purse storage, running boards (for us short women), the option to add a pink accent to the exterior, pink “Queen Ranch” stitching on the interior, and a powder coated emblem on the tail gate. An idea to lower the cost to some and broaded the customer market is to offer a Princess Package on the F-Series. It might not be a full blown Queen Ranch Edition, starting as expensive as the King Ranch Edition, but offer similar female options.

Silly boys, trucks are for girls (too)!
Sheree M 11/11/2012
Its a great idea! My first truck was a 1968 F150 back in 1976. Not a popular choice for women back then but I have always loved trucks. More & more women are driving trucks these days. Personally I have never been a pink fan but I love it as a accent color with charcoal gray, maroon, brown or even black! Truck has to have drink holders for coffee & kids, extra plug in's for kids games/phones/GPS and a convenient spot for your cell phone/sunglasses. I would love to see the swinging tailgate & hidden trunk option like on the Honda Ridgeline. We are involved with drag racing and it would be nice to have a second vehicle with towing capabilities. My husband has a F350 that tows our 5th Wheel. I need something that can tow our 28 ft enclosed hauler with mustang & jr. dragster inside.