Putting Manual Transmissions in 4x4 f150

Giving the option of a manual transmission in the FORD F-150 suoer cab 4x4. I converted my 2005 F-150 super cab 4x4 to a manual and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets get back to an AMERICAN DREAM and offer it to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Buy American and Drive American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christopher Kirk 01/31/2012
I 4th the idea!!! I WILL NOT buy a truck with an automatic, and Ford lost me because of it.
Jason T 01/06/2012
Mmmmm, I loved my manual 4x4 ranger
Alec smith 11/23/2011
Because some Americans can still drive manuals and like driving manuals
Brad Krekelberg 11/11/2011
Hooray manuals!