Production photo diary

By Kate S.

I think it would be great if Ford could take photos of my car during its production. I envision a photo montage including before and after painting as well as any snap shots as seats are being installed...I would even be willing to purchase the photo diary of my new mustang.
Kate S 03/02/2013
Thanks for the votes! I was inspired when I was searching for videos and photos of car production to explain to my little one why it was taking so long for Daddy's car to come.
Gary K 03/02/2013
Great Idea. I've been selling and owning Ford vehicles for years. I even worked for three summers in the 1970's at Ford's Cleveland Engine Plant #2. With todays technology (what Ford is all about), I would think cameras at specific locations on the assembly could be triggered to take of photo of someone's ordered vehicle. Just leased our special ordered C-MAX Hybrid SEL in Ruby Red 2 days ago. Gary K.
This is a great idea at one time you could follow your car down the
assembly but you had to have really good connection with the co.
Wade Leonard