please make shelbys different

By Joe M.

please start using some of the old shelby stying in the new mustang to make them stand apart from the others
MS Jessica F 01/16/2013
I love the Shelby. What more could you want in a car... the rumble of the engine is equivalent to an infant being rocked to sleep. The sound of 1, then 2, then 3 as gears switch; the power of torque controlled in one hand and one foot. Complete control!
The ability to replay "Braveheart" combined with the ability to learn self control. A kid in a candy store has no comparison to the adrenaline rush I get talking about it. As a woman with two bambinos, I get looked at very strange even expressing interrest. HA! My girls loved it too, they fell asleep within the first 15minutes and it was smooth from there. I will have one! It is on my to do list before I get too old to even know what sports car is!
joe masaitis 11/17/2011
The shelby's of today look like all mustang's other then name . Bring back some of the old shelby look's of the 60's. Then when one pull's up you would know it was a shelby other then reading a name.