Please make a new ranger

I currently own a Ford escape,which I bought new, and I'm happy with it, but I can't pull my new camper very well with it. I will not buy a F-150 as I know you could develop an updated Ranger. If the price of gas holds at $5-6/gallon I feel Ford will regret not developing a new ranger. I feel you should develop a new with two new Sport Trac type bodies, one which is lowered abit with a ecoboost 4 cylinder , for family hauling, and another for someone like me that has the 3.5 used in the Flex, which I could use to haul about 5000 lbs, besides hauling grand kids around. I do drive a 2012 4 door F-150 at work, and feel the size will turn people off. I believe with the smaller frontal area of a ranger Ford would ultimately achieve higher MPG. I a few years I'll have to opt for a Nissan Frontier. PLEASE build a 4 door, 250 hp, stick shift , cruise control , Ranger which gets 23-24 MPG. I think you can do it , and I would buy it...Hell, I'll even buy several thousand dollars of Ford Stock if you did. Finally, I also own a 2002 Ranger 4 cylinder, it is an excellent utilitarian vehicle, I believe you are making a hugh mistake not developing a new Ranger
Jen E 05/01/2013
We're in the market and I just learned NOW that the Ranger is no more. We're long time Ford people. I -adored- my 1994 Ranger. I still have it despite running on 3 cylinders and it STILL gets almost 20mpg! The rear end went out on it so I was contemplating a new one. I am really unhappy to learn that it is not an option. It was really perfect for me as a 'commuter' who hates cars and drives through deer country. It held up nicely to a deer strike at about 70mph. I believe it has 225K miles on it and considering I can't get a new one I'm contemplating just fixing the old one. I have looked at the new Escapes but I don't like the design and while the one I test drove was zippy enough, I felt like a soccer mom in it. Blech.

I also have a 1995 F150 that I love (286K miles on it and still going...bring back that great engine and I might consider a new one) and a 2007 Freestyle which honestly I hate. Drives ok if the roads are dry but it's a bit sluggish and is HORRIBLE in snow. Towing is a joke. Doesn't hold up so well to deer, either. The F150 did, didn't even need to fix much. Seats aren't real comfortable either in the Freestyle and the ride isn't as nice as the trucks. That one has blown through tires like you wouldn't believe and now it needs $3K in repairs. I don't think it's worth fixing.

While I love my F150 and it's -fantastic- in bad weather even with the 2WD, for city driving and distance driving it's not as convenient or economical (or fun!) as the Ranger. I'm not buying something new right now, I think I'll be happier just fixing the old Ranger or trying to get into a used one. What a disappointment. I don't understand why they'd stop making such a popular vehicle.
Dan 04/27/2013
Bingo, I have an Escape and want to go back to a Ranger type truck. I have had 4 rangers and loved them all. The Escape is a good vehicle but unless Ford re-introduces the Ranger, they are going to loose a customer. I had one F-150... too big, sold it in 2 years, I haul a few bags of mulch, a 17ft boat, and drive to work daily.... Right now, my only alternative is Toyota and Nissan, I like them both and if there is not a Ranger in the next year or two, I will buy one of them. PLEASE... BRING BACK THE RANGER.....
james j 04/25/2013
Agree, The Ranger released outside the US market, especially the 3.2L diesel AU, is exactly what we need. Its a commuter or a worker. Bring the Ranger what you lose in the F150 market you will regain in new Ranger sales. The Ranger owners just arent making the jump to the F150, the commercial/fleet market would also benefit b/c the reduced fuel costs while still maintaining the crew cab capacity.
Regards, James Joiner
Business/Management Consultant