Please change the 2013 Fusion Titanium 18 inch Standard Wheels

The Standard 18 inch Fusion Titanium wheel honestly looks terrible in comparison to the SE Sport and Luxury wheels. For what people are paying for in the Titanium model is should come with a better looking wheel than that.
James B 01/31/2013
I agree, bring this option to the Fusion Energi as well!
Mark R 01/13/2013
I agree this is a poor choice by Ford. The SE model has better looking wheels. The price of the Titanium you should have a choice other than the high priced 19 in wheels that nobody wants.
Calen K 01/12/2013
Couldn't agree more! Wish there was at least 1 alternative option on the Hybrid Titanium. Funny that the more you spend on a Fusion, the few wheel choices you get... (Sad buyer)
Henry V 01/11/2013
This may hold especially true for Titanium Hybrid owners.
DaddyMack 01/10/2013
I agree especially since this model is in my future!