Personal Limo

The Lincoln brand:

In today’s diverse and competitive luxury market it is difficult to either enter or re-enter the market. Lincoln is effectively re-entering that market. In order to do that you need some sort of distinct message to get folks interested or inspired by your product (you know this of course). Lincoln historically was most certainly a true luxury brand and was perceived as so. What Ford needs is a product that is both new in concept (unique), truly luxurious or at least symbolic of luxury, and appealing to the rich and famous (the Hollywooder’s). I suggest a “personal limousine”. Take a Flex (and don’t give it wings) and create seating in the back that would be limousine like. Luxurious seats that could face a central table. Maybe the table and seats could be converted to a bed. The doors could swing open on the passenger side with no doors on the driver side (need room for a bar, or TV, etc., etc.), a huge sunroof, hand rails on the roof (disguised as a roof rack), shades for the windows, a privacy gate between the passengers and driver, an intercom, fancy stereo, built in wi-fi, AWD, go with it.

Dean W 03/22/2013
The Lincoln brand already has the MKT version of the Flex.