Persobnalized Trucks, (F150, 250

I'm a Trucker, I drive an 18 wheeler, with a 48 ft trailer. Although its not exactly something I'd do, I notice many guys out there fix up their pickups with, west coast mirrors, dual antenna's, big mud flaps, cab lights, and rear bumper lights, some even go to the trouble to install dual vertical stacks coming up out of the bed, behind the cab. Why not, either offer, or contract an outside company, to engineer a "trucker's package" right off the assembly line, with all of the afore mentioned things, and a factory installed CB radio, and some interior goodies, as well as a fire extinguisher, emergency first aid and flare kit a built in tool box, and optional heavy duty springing and trailer tow package, for hauling a trailer, a nice flashy, well-thought-out package, with a lot of chrome, that would be really eye catching, for the wanna-be trucker, Lets face it. Guys that love trucks, LOVE TRUCKS!!, since Ford is the industry leader, why not lead? with an industry exclusive option like this. It might be expensive, but the residual high resale value would offset the initial cost, and the novelty, as well as notoriety. would really turn heads, It might start out as a slow seller, but it would pick up steam after a short while. Ford's King Ranch, is a similar example of what I'm talking about. I think we could win over some Chevy and Dodge guys with this one
Seth Pringle 01/01/2012
I agree, other lines have "special models" such as the Rousch mustang and Eddie Bauer, but that doesn't appeal to all. I think a line like that could sell quite well and pull more interest into Ford Trucks.