People' s car. My dream car

By Jude A.

My dream car would be a car with two engine,six wheels,smart transtmission and smart drive system,on board computer system ,schechuled start system or auto system,a car with two engines will mean a lot to me and to other people too,if I have to trave to Alaska or let's say to Brazil(North America) from Florida with my car, I will drive to my destination knowing that I am drive a car that will get me there safely going and coming With with out me  hechiking  a psychopat when an engine addition there are people that are afraid of flying, not only will they like this car the will trust it to get them to their destination With out fear Of break down. My dream car will have two additional sets of wheels before the last wheels making it six for breakin And if one tire goes bad you can continue going with the remaing tires and last tires will be for for the propulsion from the last engine. my dream car will have two automatic stick shifters each engines. my dream car will have smart drive system that detects eminent danger If the the brake is used in the manner(s) that indicates eminent crash  or the on board computer can be programmed so that if you are going into anemergency push the break two times to put the rear engine or wheel into  a revise and and keep pushing the break to bring the vehicle to a permanent stop,the on board computer will revise the car with the speed at which you where driving automatically using.... ). A push button smart transmission system that also allows you to shift to pus to shift to p,d,n,r,e,e.t.c when the electric motor  stops working. my dream car can be scheduled to start that means it will know my work schedule  and my other temporary schedule so it starts itself and warms or cool the inside up Before I get in it.will benefit people in hot and cold climate.

the name will be  call ford a to b or z vacation