Owner Recognition

I think Ford need to take technology to a personal level. Once the owner enter the vehicle with the smart key, the vehicle would recognize the owner with with an audio tone greeting the owner. For example, (Good morning Walter, Good After noon Walter, Good Evening Walter, and Good Night Walter. The system will know what time of day it is because with a built in time system. I also think Ford should develop a signature Locking and Unlocking indicating sound effect instead of the traditional Horn. A whistle sound or something really cool.
Sally S 07/07/2013
This lighting idea may be something to pick-up on?!
Ivan V 07/01/2013
Also, add different interior lightening for each user! With different brightness & different colors. And i mean it like complete lightening, interior neons (hidden), dash lights, switches lights etc. Also, different playlists & radio stations settings for each user :)