offer right hand drive cars for mail carriers

mail carriers need a right hand drive car or a car with a seat across the front.mail carriers across the country,outside of the city, are responsible for buying their own cars.the most popular autos are pre 08 ford taurus ,right hand drive subaru ,saturn and jeep cherokees.the only right hand drive vehicle available is the jeep wrangler which is not very popular.the saturns subarus ,jeep cherokees,taurus,have all been discontinued and are wearing out.full time mail carriers are given a car allowance where they can buy a new car every other does not have a current vehicle that is being would be nice if ford offered a focus station wagon or escape in right hand least offer a seat across the front option on something.i believe the guaranteed market would prove profitable.
anita 09/10/2014
Yes, please! Come on, Ford. We need a good reliable vehicle that's easy on gas. I think the Escape would be great, especially with all-wheel-drive or 4x4. My subarus are slowly dying, and the jeep is rusting down. American-made and dependable means a lot. Plus, it's advertising for the brand. People are always asking me how I do in the winter. It can get rough around here, so folks notice if the mailwoman's car makes it every day.
Scott B 03/29/2014
Scott Barnes im a contracted mail carrier and i travel 130 miles a day in my Jeep Liberty ,leaning across the seat is getting old,plus it has 260,000 miles , and im looking for a rhd vehicle that is fairly good on gas reasonably priced and dependable.
Kim 11/10/2013
rhd transit connect turbo-diesel 6spd auto is a great idea. Seems the postal rural carriers are getting more parcels every day. We don't need all the bells and whistles. Give us ac and heat. This could drop the cost considerably. We need something dependable and will hold up to constant stopping and going.
laura carlson 10/20/2013
I would like this I use a ford explorer and sit in the middle. The explorer has the room for everything. I get good gas milage. It keeps going in all weather. I have had 2 that were rebuildables so both with well over 200,000 miles have an explorer spoet tract now and it is well over 200,000 miles.
Vickie 10/02/2013
I love my fords I have driven a ford explorer for 7 years with no right hand drive driving in the middle is hard on your body lol,on a route it has almost 300,000 miles but is beginning to go down I would love if ford would bring one in for mail carriers. We are a 4 car family and all are Fords..
junior lee 09/24/2013
If ford don't want to make a vehicle for carriers they should make conversion kits after doing a study on type of vehicle carriers use.
M INMAN 05/18/2013
I stumbled on this site thinking maybe Ford was building a vehicle that would be usefull to a Rural Carrier looks like it was only a dream. At least Ford could do is build a simple auto with a bench front seat and a bullet proof auto tranny and heavy duty brakes . Mike Inman , USPS RURAL CARRIER..
Bette Dickenson 01/20/2013
4wd, RHD and good gas mileage at an affordable, not premium price would give Ford many thousands of new customers. The jeep wranglers have terrible gas mileage, mechanical/electrical problems and the rhd model has been priced beyond the reach of most carriers who crunch the numbers. Who wants to spend all day, six days a week riding in a Wrangler AND pay over $30,000 for the privilege? NO ONE
Heather S 09/27/2012
there is an incredible need for something in the Ford Tranit small line that has a super transmission, possible 4WD, automatic, RHD.Decent heat and air would be a big plus too.
We carriers buy our own vehicles and try to keep up with the maintenance in this economy. If Ford Motor Co. could sell this type of product to us at USPS fleet prices we would be there to help Ford and each and every rural customer we serve. Our package volume and pickup service has grown so much we need some serious thought when making our next purchase.
Heather S 09/22/2012
A RHD small 4WD sprinter with an awesome heavy duty transmission, good heat and air would really help the rural carriers, Our parcel volume has really increased and we need help! I think the USPS could benefit from these vehicles also. But what would be truly unheard of is having the rural carriers be able to purchase them at fleet pricing like the post office has. We would still be responsible for our upkeep thus saving the USPS from that expense. We would be safer and be able to buy American as we serve America.
Dustin N 07/09/2012
A right hand drive ecoboost supercrew F-150, a RHD explorer, a RHD TransitConnect.....I could keep dreaming....and buy another jeep or honda.
Eric T 05/16/2012
I would definitly be intrested in a RHD drive vehicle from ford to deliver mail in. I currently use a ranger with a topper on the back but will be needing a new vehicle soon.
Postal Pierre 01/16/2012
Ford already builds a RHD Explorer chassis. You just can't buy one in the US.
Janet R 01/03/2012
Think it is a great idea, we carriers can really use a RHD vehicle, I got a 93 and 99 subaru with over 200,00 and 265,000 miles, needles to say, I need a new one.
Dustin N 08/07/2010
How about a RHD transit connect turbo-diesel 6spd auto or an 2.0 ecoboost with 6spd auto for us mail carriers. I would even buy a RHD supercrew F-150. How about a RHD 2011 Ford explorer 3.7L or Escape hybrid RHD. Hello Ford, wake up and tap this market.