Offer all trim levels of Focus with a 5 speed...

The motor is the same regardless of model, so putting a 5 speed in all trim levels of a 2012 Focus would not be expensive. Lots of people still like to shift their own gears. I'd love a Titanium Focus, but if I can't shift it myself, I'm not interested.
Dave Bristel 06/04/2011
There have been many people asking for the manual transmission on forums, but many have also complained that they couldn't afford the car, so there is a split between what people WANT, and the people who will actually be buying what they want. Because of the overall economic situation, and because MOST people who want a manual version of the Titanium also want more horsepower, the Focus ST will be the car you have been asking for, with a 6-speed manual plus 2.0L EcoBoost/Turbo engine delivering 248 horsepower.

To respond to Chauncey, the Focus has many features that are very cutting edge, from the active grill shutters, to Torque Vector Control, plus the dual LCD screens(not touchscreens), and of course the 160 horsepower engine, fog lamps, etc. All of this adds up, and since the Focus is NOT the entry level small car anymore(Fiesta is), you end up paying a bit more. For the price, it is actually fairly competitive.

The problem that you are having is that you are seeing the list of "official features", and some things like the dual LCD screens are not mentioned but ARE there. Ford does offer a 4-door S trim Focus which I can't suggest if you want a lower cost, or you can go to the Fiesta with the less powerful engine but with extra features at the $18,000 range. What you have missed is that the Focus used to be that low-cost entry level vehicle that was pretty basic. Remember also that a pretty fully loaded Focus used to have the same features as a base SE of today. I had a 2001 ZX3 that had "premium package" on it, and a few others, and the base SE is pretty damn close. 3-door ZX3, or 5-door 2012 SE, plus it's been ten years, and the SE comes with a lot more, from horsepower to the already mentioned LCD screens. I'd say the $18,065 price for the 5-door seems fair considering it is ten years later.
Ward Souders 06/01/2011
Why do the Europeans get to have all of the shifting fun? The only way we get to is in base models of cars if even then!
Evan See 05/30/2011
I was ready to buy a 2012 Focus SEL, then when I saw no manual option, it was no dice.
Chauncey Hopson 05/28/2011
So with manual transmission, standard features, and NO extras on a 2012 hatchback Focus (without SYNC), $18,200??!!?? Even if you get A or X plan pricing seems a little unjustified. I'm not asking for 100k mile warranty (won't even use it). Beef up the STANDARD features if you want me to shell out so much for a C-class vehicle. This car used to come in at that same price fully loaded. I want something bigger and more powerful than a Fiesta and priced cheaper than a Fusion. I'm scared to see what the ST will sell for next year, prob low $30k, Mustang pricing. If you want me to build Ford's Future by offering my friends x-plan pricing, then give them a better deal.
Saul Reyes 05/27/2011
Nice, but why not a 6 speed manual? Another option could be, 6 speed auto with titanium paddle shifters and dual clutch technology.
Brad Krekelberg 05/26/2011
I heartily agree