Nuevo Bronco

The next wave in vehicles will be the "Urban/Xtra-urban - Tactical Personal Vehicle" = the new Bronco. Tough, tech, turbo, taut, timely. See the new '15 Lexus NX for concept (although Lexus is way to girly of a brand). 
Price point $25K+/-.
Urban all wheel drive - Style - Tactical, minimilist but comfortable, not fancy, similar to the Tremor.
Xtra-urban 4x4 - Style - similar to the Raptor.
Use existing platform and technology = Escape wheel base.
Market Demo - male 25-55 who want a personal vehicle that is high value and economical to drive, reasonable cargo space, not flashly (bling-free). 
Think "Cafe Racer" or Triumph Thruxton for the Urban, Triumph 800XC for the Xtra-urban
Offer customizing aftermarket SHO style parts/accessories - work with customizing shops to develop higher end models - ala AMG Merc.
Ford has done a great job brining vehicles to the future. I have had 3 Fusions over the last 7 years, and the latest is a great leap from the first 2008 model. Keep up the good work.