By Doug W.

The re-introduction of the late sixties mustang is a big hit. Now Ford should take the next step and re-introduce the 1977 Bronco. Complete with removable top and doors and back wheel wells already cut out. It was then, and still would be the only true competition to the Jeep (CJ, now the Wrangler).
I would love to have a brand new 60's Mustang - again. Bring it on!
Nathan S 05/10/2012
Oh and be sure to make it a true 4 door version... I don't like the "access doors on the FJ Cruiser".
Nathan S 05/10/2012
Yes! Bring back the Bronco. Ford needs to show Jeep who's boss in the Wrangler market!!
Johnathan M 05/09/2012
I agree, I think a shortened 2 door version of the EcoBoost Flex with Raptor wheels, springs and designs.