Next Ford Flex Release Should have...

By Duan D.

Being a first time Ford owner, I love my Flex Limited Ecoboost. However, I have noticed that my wife's 2013 Limited Explorer has some features that I'm quite envious of, so the next Flex should have:
1) Black Headliner
2) Auto UP window for driver and passenger
3) Blinkers built into the side mirrors
4) Frameless wiper blades
5) Foot operated liftgate (like the Escape)
6) Maybe a hybrid option?

that's all I can think of for now...
Trung Huynh 06/28/2013
I like to see the next Ford Flex to have an 8-passenger capacity and a little longer body to have that extra storage space. Currently, Ford does not have any 8-passenger in the mid size SUV and crossover line up like their competitors such as the Honda Pilot.
I have a 2011 Flex Limited EcoBoost and I love it. The 3rd row seat can use more legroom and extra space for a 3rd passenger in the 3rd row.
What I also like to see are optional headrest that has build-in 10" tablet holders or docking stations. A big plus is a removable rails on the roof.
Professor F 01/25/2013
Heated Steering Wheel
Removable Seats - for increased room and improved fuel economy
Duan D 12/17/2012
Also need a dedicated cabin light on/off toggles; this combo with the instrument dimming button is so confusing