New Vehicles

By Les B.

Bring the 2010 Ford Explorer look back. All the new SUVs look like soccer mom vans. Take the shell of the old explorer, or make something meaner, throw a smaller engine in it(for cost purposes)and it will sell. Not everyone needs or wants all the expensive toys. I want a good looking truck that can be driven until the doors fall off in 30 years. What ever happened to the whole built ford tough campaign? I love ford and that will never change but there has to be something between the raptor(ford's meanest truck) and the escape(my sisters car).
harold c 01/23/2013
I agree we all want a good enexpensive truck that works like my old 1981
F150. Had to take it out in the woods and shoot it. wouldnt die, make another one like it.
Donald L 01/22/2013
The idea is good and what is needed for all engines in the future is make all bio diesel type. Reason there is more veg type oil in the world than Petrol oil and you can go it and regular petrol oil has a life and is polluting. The SUV is better between a truck and the car. bio diesel can be made for $2.40 a gallon and only takes 10% ethanol to make it. That means less ethanol requirements and is an energy saving. The vehicle needs to be 4 w or all wheel so and be higher off the ground so you can drive in snow. The with of the wheels should be wide so in a tight turn the wheels don't cut under and make it roll. Bio diesel is clean and makes many other things in production which can offset the price if needed. Also the engines will last longer and require less maintenance.