new tech.

My brother does computer programming and i have done some on my own. But here recently he has gotten into video production. We combined the two and I can say that a solid program can follow the lines in a road with ease, and contrary to popular belief, safely. It's image recognition software, and the ideas that are streaming from it are "inspiring", to put it mildly. No one has heard of half this stuff that is going on, because it is all still developmental at this time. All I can say is "just wait there's more" and from what I have seen from Ford, I hope they are the ones to release it. Chevy needs to take a back seat and watch what happens when a great vehicle gets developed.
Regan Bacalzo Apacible B 11/14/2014
The 2014 experimental Fusion with rotating radars at the roof is one of the fulfillments of your dream.