New Ranger

By Rich H.

Are you Ever, EVER going to bring the NEW RANGER to the United States?

I know there might be a HiPPO issue, (Highest Paid Person's Opinion), however the following data and common sense observation disputes many of Ford's claims regarding the market for small trucks and diesel.

1) Diesel: VW is growing. The TDI is a great seller and is generally sold well above invoice because the people that want it understand limited availability, lower cost of ownership, longevity of the motor, and resale value.
2) Diesel in the NEW Ranger or F100, same as above. love the EccoBOOST. But Diesel has it's own following. a diesel in a small truck would be:
a) cool
b) better gas mileage
c) lead instead of follow the industry
The styling, quality, mechanical innovation, SYNC Systems of the NEW Ranger Places is in a different catagory.
Quality: Ford has done a great job of putting soft touches in their vehicles. The 2012 Focus is a world above the previous models. The dash is soft and the controls easy. The room and set up is “Focused” for driving, but not uncomfortable or over designed. It has a better fit and finish over its competition. The same can be said for the Ford F150. Compared to a Titan, Sierra, Silverado, or Tundra, there really isn’t a comparison. I would guess the same to be true in the European Ranger.
Mechanical Innovation: The ECCOBoost is across the board the most innovative engine in the business. Utilizing two turbos for better efficiency in both torque and horsepower exceeds and bench marks the competition. The new Escape with the 2.5 can easily go toe to toe with larger vehicles like the BMW X3 and out class it in performance. According the Euro site, properly equipped the New Ranger will tow over 7000 pounds if properly equipped. The Frontier and Tacoma are rated at 6500 pounds – again Ford would win, if Ford actually sold the truck in the US.
SYNC: No one has this in anything. Great Innovation. All the SYNC services, who else does this? No one, that’s why I want this truck.

According to new articles the New Ford Ranger/F100 wasn't being built for the US Market because of gas mileage and cost wasn't all that different from an F-150. In addition the small truck market was shrinking due to gas prices and the competition was out selling the venerable Ranger as well as the Chevrolet Colorado/ GMC Canyon. Of course the Ranger has a 4.0 V6, Chevy the 5 cylinder
Well, the small market works for Japan. Both Nissan and Toyota only tow 6000 pounds while it looks like the New Ranger would tow more. Good for Ford, bad for US, (pun intended).
A diesel would push mileage up, (whether it would work for the average government rating I do not know), but the 2.0 EccoBOOST would be great. I drove one in the new Escape, spot on.
Lynn C 05/11/2014
I heard there was a design in the making for an F100 Ranger-size pickup.  When will it ever become real?  I just purchased the "new and improved" Escape and it is not an improvement (to me) over my 2011.  If Ford made a smaller version than the F150, I'd buy it tomorrow! 
John S 02/02/2013
i want/need a small truck that gets 40+ MPG. I know they exist, I see them all over the world (except Canada/USA). I want to buy a Ford/GM/Dodge, but i'll buy whoever makes it!
Brent 07/21/2012
I own a Ranger now, and would like to buy a new one. While an F-150 would be nice, it is not an option for me -- an F-150 supercab or crew cab is too long to fit in my garage, and with my wife and daughter I need two rows of seats. This has nothing to do with MPG or the like, but those F-150s have gotten too big.
Anthony P 07/21/2012
Anyway i could import one from the uk?
Jake J 07/14/2012
Ford should produce this in small amounts in the U.S. as a test trial with their other 2014 models.
DJ G 07/10/2012
YES!!!! WE do need the New Ranger. There are many people that need a truck just not the Big F150's. My Dad has a F150 And for my 16th i need a truck for small projects around the house and the winter. Hopefully i get my dads F150but the new Ranger would be perfect for me and many other teenagers cause its smaller than the f150, Saves Gas and the new one is really sporty. Not everyone needs a big F150 and The Current Ranger is a joke in many peoples opinions. My Family only owns ford and the current ranger just wont make it in our garage. The New one would!!
We Have- F150,Flex,Fusion,Edge,F250 Explorer,Taurus,Expedition,Navigator,Mercury Mariner, Mustang. We love them all!! But not the current ranger. They are all fairly new with the oldest being a 2006. And we owned Fords before these 2. There has never been another brand in our drive way.
Johnny O 07/10/2012
I agree, they need to bring the diesel to the U.S. market. As well as bring back manual transmission trucks!!