new mustang dash

By Alex C.

how about a re desiged dash for the new ford mustang to give the car a more welcoming feel once more rounder lines in combination with the front doors instead of a blunt parcle shelve look dash
Wayne Grantham 07/21/2011
iT's A signature icon for the Mustang I love it It should stay forever!
I agree with BOSS Camaro Dash was hideous then (1968 & 69 and it's hideous now!!! lol
BOSS 06/07/2011
I think it could be improved but it doesn't look as offensive as the Camaros interior and the Mustang's looks fairly good.
Phil Battles 05/25/2011
the 05-09 dash is the best ever, leave it alone.
Saul Reyes 05/24/2011
I think the current one looks great! It goes well with the retro theme. Why change it?