New Mustang Concept

By Mark C.

I saw a picture of the 2015 Mustang concept and could not believe Ford would do that to the Mustang. Mustang owners want their cars to look & drive like a Mustang. I am the current owner of a 2008 GT and a 1969 Mach 1. I would bet that 95% of current Mustang owners would like Ford to continue with a retro look for many years to come with V8 power and rear wheel drive. Maybe Ford should poll some current Mustang owners to see what they would like in future Mustangs...
Audrey R 12/28/2012
We need this car, but with a new name, and a different design for a new Mustang.
Audrey R 12/28/2012
Ford certainly needs a coupe like this car in the line-up, but not to replace the Mustang! Our foreign competitors sell lots of sport coupes and I don't understand why Ford thinks Americans don't by them. We need the Focus and Fiesta coupe, but have two different sedan versions of each. The 2
Keith J. M 11/30/2012
I know that time does not stand still , but come on, keep it looking like a mustang. I don't mind all wheel drive, 4&6 high performance motors. At Lgeast Dodge made their Chargers better than they used to be, but still look retro. Come on Ford, don't ruine the Mustang. You listened to us consumers and didn't make them front wheel drive before. Please listen to us now, please don't go euro-armerica with our Mustang's. Keith J
Andrew P 10/22/2012
2015 is too far off for a complete dedesign. the current "retro" mustang has been with us since 2005, yes its been tweaked to what is now for 2013 but overall its the same design. in the 9 model years this current design has under its belt, you would have expected to see more of a change other than just the front facia and tail lights being a little diffrent.
Dont get me wrong, i love how it looks currently. but im looking forward to a ground up redesign and i think it should happen alot sooner than 2015
Robert T 10/09/2012
I had a feeling Ford was going to do this to the Mustang. More sales for Challenger and Camero. Someone at Ford is in love with Euro styiling enough to do this to the Mustang. The people that read Car and Driver will love it.