New Mustang

By John S.

I think that a new mustang with a bench seat in the front and no seats in the back would be awesome! There are very few people that drive with people in the back of their mustang anyways and it would make the mustang much lighter. Tell me what you guys would think of a bench seat in a mustang!
David F 12/10/2012
The classic Fastback Mustang had a back row that could be folded down, to fit only 2 people. But the car still only came with a back row, only with the option of folding back seats.
I would say pay homage to the original!
Beverly B 11/28/2012
I have a family and love the backseat just the way it is. But, thanks for sharing :)
Robert T 11/26/2012
I think it is a bad idea to urge Ford to make a new Mustang. They may re invent the Mustang 2 or bring back the Probe idea. I rember writing Mr. Peterson a letter when he was Fords CEO to urge him not to make the Mustang into something like a Probe. I guess he got the message when he got hundreds of thousands of letters similar to mine. Whew, that was close. We may have to do that again over the new "Euro" Mustang.
I love mustangs but I'm sorry I really would love to have a backseat but either way I LoVE Mustangs!!