new light duty truck

By Ross C.

Hello Ford this is Ross Coolsaet again. The idea was not much of an idea, just wish to see ford develop another light duty truck besides the ranger. The truck could be tuned more like a car. Possibly AWD, or just front wheel drive.
Curtis Houck 12/29/2011
I would like to see the current South American market Ford Courier brought into N America for 2012 . No new tooling needed . Please take a look at the Ford Mexico website to see the 2012 Courier . I want one of those !
William Kohn 11/18/2011
The nice think about a Ranger for people is that it is still a real truck (has an actual frame) then it can fit in their garage where a F150 cannot because of the width. Getting rid of the Ranger is just going to open a door for Chevrolet to take market share. Keep the Ranger on the same frame. Update it. Use direct injection on the 4 cylinder and swap in the 3.7L V-6.
Mario Logli 11/17/2011
Bring back the Ranchero
shaun will 11/16/2011
i agree an awd or even frontwd system would be great. Even if it was on the ranger, but would love to see something new!