New Front end of F150 appears Metro

I would say the new Front end on the F150 seems neutral, metro and bland. It looks like it would fit in the driveway of a soccer mom. Im not sure if it is trying to replace the minivan or just become the truck that folks put 20s on with spinners and neon lights. Nothing about the front of the truck says truck to me. I would recommend an alternate front end for those who are your more traditional truck owners. There isnt anything wrong with broadning your market to the above mentioned clientel, just please don't pretend were the same market.
Chuck W 02/11/2014
Glad someone else thinks the F150 front is rediculous! I have an 06 with the honeycomb grill. Since 2010 the F150 looks like a mack truck. It is bulky and way too much chrome. The worst is no options. I want to buy a new one but with the way the front looks...never!
Megan B 01/17/2014
great wording! dosent it look a little too much like the toyota tundra as well? i think they need to go back to the older grilles.