New Ford Five Hundred

Ford, I have an Idea for an Rwd Sedan to compete with the Chevy SS. You can  back the Ford Five Hundred as a Rwd Sedan with the 5.0 Liter with 500. I understand you discontinued it because people got confused the the nam but you make a sedan with 500Hp Base the new sedan off the upcoming Mustang platform and make a Lincoln version of it. Add some color trims from the retro Galaxie 500 and some Mustang Parts. The police might consider this as a Crown Victoria replacement and love the new car. I hope you like this idea and consider this idea. 
Scott W 12/14/2013
Ford already had this idea around ten years or so ago. It was very sharp looking but never went into production as it was just a concept car. but it would of been really nice to have.
Robert T 12/10/2013
The Aussie Falcon is dated and from what I read, Ford dosn't have any long term plans to build cars there. dry, if Ford wanted to build a rear drive car, they would have no trouble.
Aussie Ford 12/08/2013
Take up the Australian RWD Ford Falcon, just like Chevy have done with the Holden SS.
Bruce S 12/08/2013
Ford already has the Falcon over in Australia. So That be great if Ford could bring them over here. Of course they'd need to be left hand drive & meet the crash standards. Mustang is the only rwd car over here that Ford has. Lets see rwd 4dr sedan like the Falcon, huh Ford?