New Femme Ride I,II,III

This is my invention that I have been working on for 2-3years now. The newest SUV for all the female types. Starting at age 16- ??year olds who want pretty colors, comfy upolstery, pet friendly, feminine product friendly and economically offordable.
My ideas range from the early years ride that sets the average male teenager limits to want to drive a female vehicle.
When you are blessed with a daughter and you want to protect her at all costs, she begins to get older then eventually wants a vehicle. Shouldnt there be some vehicle suitable for her. (Right now the female class have to settle for what you make and whats out there as a 1st vehicle.) Then the occasional boyfriend comes into play (wealthy or not)has the ego tested of wether or not to drive and be seen in the New Femme Ride that doesnt belong to him. Think about it. Insurance policies could come down and have more woman driving them. "Happy Daddys" all over the world buying their daughters a vehicle that is of course safe, economic and pretty, (just right for their daughters). Husbands buy for their spouses a suffisticated Femme Ride II, fully loaded to suit her needs. Femme Ride III for those who like the outdoors, go on vacations, have pets in place of children, etc.. This could lounch your company into orbit for many years to come.;)
Now working on the (Master Ride Truck)