New Excursion

By John T.

Using the F350 platform create an Excursion using the new diesel. Do the research and see what old excursions are bring in for resale. People still want them!
Jack Ryan 07/06/2011
This is exactly what's needed, but for the non-North American market the Cummins 6.7, as in F650/750, woul d be needed as Ford only offer the V8 diesel in NA.
Jorge Carrillo 04/09/2011
making a 2012 all new excursion is the best idea. it would one of the best towing SUV out there. im ancious to see whats Fords new idea.....
Johnathan Mueller 01/30/2011
I agree. I have a big family and we have a E-350 that I love but it is underpowered and a big SUV would have more power.
Andrea Shank-Rodriguez 01/19/2011
This is a great idea. We've been trying to purchase an excursion for a few years now and can't find one affordable (unless it has a few hundred thousand miles on it). It's amazing how much they hold their value....especially the diesel models. They are in demand and held value so well I can't believe Ford isn't filling this need. We've dabbled looking at other maker's similar vehicles but we're just Ford people through and through. We are a very big, mixed American family with construction jobs and hobbies that require trailor hauling. Our boring 12 passenger E350 has been doing the trick alright but we'd like something with a little more style.