New European Diesel Motors In Ford F150?

I'd be more inclined to buy a F-150 for a work truck if it had an option 4 or 6cylinder Diesel motor mated to a manual transmission (just to be clear: with clutch).

Instead of bringing the Ranger back stateside and "confusing" customers, why not just take the New Ranger's motors and put them in the F-150?

Currently there are slim pickings for fuel efficient trucks with manual transmission in the United States. I could get a Tacoma, but I don't want one and they don't offer diesel. I would rather not get a Chevy but it does at least come with a manual transmission.

Ford is shrinking its market base by not offering a manual transmission truck, but if Ford were to change that and offer a manual transmission diesel F-150, they could lock down the market as being the only truck manufacturing offering a full-size but efficient diesel truck with manual transmission in the United States.
David D 03/15/2012
Clifford: look at the origin of manufacturing for drive on any new Ford at the dealership. A 2011 Ford Ranger that I was looking at had an engine from Germany and a transmission from Japan. Not much American about that other than where it was assembled. But I agree, please bring more manufacturing to the United States.

Ethan: I've seen those swaps too 3.9 4BT diesel. I would like to build one for a project, would be fun. I saw a nice Ford Bronco with a 4BT.

Christopher: Until I buy an electric car that only needs one gear, I will only buy manual transmission vehicles. While I would prefer a F150 with a manual (even if gas, ugh), let them keep all the F150 gas in auto to save in production costs but add an option 3.2 Duratorq with a 6speed manual. This way, Ford doesn't have to engineer any new transmissions for the F150 and only uses drivetrains that they already produce. We get what we want at a minimal extra cost to Ford (or pass the extra cost onto the diesel buyer, I'd still buy one for the benefits that a diesel motor provides). Win-Win
Christopher Kirk 02/09/2012
Why isn't Ford doing it? Because they want to sell you what they make, not what you want to buy. I was a loyal for customer, but after they decided to dictate my choice of drivetrain, they lost me for good. I realize that manual drivers are in the minority, but there are those of us who do want them. Ford, how about this...offer a truck with a manual and ACTUALLY MAKE SOME OF THEM so we don't have to wait 6 weeks.

I know that my comments will fall onto deaf ears because Ford wants to force us all into automatics so that they can sell what they want.

Too bad...
Clifford Guy 02/07/2012
I do not believe in using foreign motors and trannys when thy can be built here in America and put America back on the map and people to work. But then QC will need to be on their toes.
Ethan Abbott 02/06/2012
David, that would make too much sense. It's amazing that after all the technology and development we've seen, there is still not a half ton diesel pickup. I love the articles in diesel magazines with guys putting a 4cyl cummins in their half ton pickup (mated to a 5sp) and getting 35mpg with tons of power. Why not produce one?!?!?!!!