Name your Car.

By Brad H.

I think the day you buy your car that you should be able to name your car. When Ford contacts me by mail email or by phone they would refer to my car by name not by some vin number or licence plate. This is my baby. I spend thousands of dollars to buy her and thousands of hours with her a little respect for her would go along way with me. If you could get her to know her name with the Sync system in stead of having to push a silly button that would be even cooler. No let me rephrase that, it would be the coolest thing ever instead of a no name computer it would respond to her name.
T Craig-P71CV 09/23/2011
Agreed!! I call my Crown Victoria, "Vickie" Well I know Vickie is quite an obvious name for a Crown Victoria, but that's what I call her. I also refer to her as "The Beast." since she is a pretty big and powerful car. I know there are probably thousands of other Crown Victoria owners that call theirs Vickie as well. But my Vickie is a special car, because she is mine, and I have had her for ten years now, and she is the best car I have ever owned. Like you I've spent thousands of dollars to buy her, and thousands of hours with her. She's been very relaible, and I've rairly had any problems with her with the exception of a fuel pump. I plan on keeping her for years to come, probably until they plant me six feet under. So she too does deserve some respect. So I agree, when the Ford dealer calls me for my scheduled servicing they should ask for Vickie by name.