MyFord Touch calendar should SYNC with smartphone

By Jim A.

I don't understand the purpose of the calendar in the MyFord Touch SYNC system, if it doesn't SYNC with my smartphone calendar. If I need a calendar, I'm not clicking through MyFord Touch to find. I'm picking up my smartphone and checking it out. Furthermore, all my calendar features including events, reminders and lists should pop up on the MyFord Touch screen when I start up the vehicle. Please keep me from using my phone once I start up the car. Everything should be done on the MyFord Touch interface.
Elizabeth p 05/29/2014
Just got my sync and i couldnt agree more. the feature should be disabled/removed unless it syncs to a phone or computer.
Paul 11/02/2013
Ford is losing ground when it comes to Sync. So many possibilities, so little being done.
Sharding 09/02/2013
I agree, the calendar is worthless if it doesn't sync with my phone
J. Jose R 05/28/2013
It is in there but never fully put to use because of the other issues which plague the system.