Mustang V6 Ideas

The Mustang V6 is a great car but I find the features lacking between the base and premium models. For instance, the same instrument cluster and steering wheel provided for the premium version should be available for the base model also. In addition, what's up with the unpainted mirror caps. It can't cost too much to provide painted mirrors. I think the Camaro has painted mirrors but the Mustang is a much better car. Lastly, I think even the base Mustang should be able to be upgraded to a set of 18" wheels without having to purchase a premium model that has leather. If I could get a Mustang with 18" wheels, cloth interior (leather is hot in the South), the painted mirror caps, and the upgraded dashboard I would probably order one tomorrow. To get those features, I have to get the MCA or Pony Package....I don't want that. I like the Performance Package a lot but think the 19" wheels look a bit strange. Please allow the 2010 18" SVT wheels to be an option for the base mustang and fix the basic looking instrument cluster, steering wheel, and outside mirrors on the mase Mustang. I think your sales will increase. Thank you for listening.
wendy caride 12/19/2011
Choice is always a good thing to offer to Ford Mustang customers,BUT think of it from their point of view,how fast would their production lines move to fill all the custom orders? Let the dealers make all the custom mods you can afford,that way they compete with each other for our business based on how well and for what price they can offer what WE want on our cars,or you pay ford x amount (remember COPO camaro)and pay whatever they want to charge you
T Craig-P71CV 09/21/2011
Back in the late 1980's I worked at a Ford dealer and I remember when you could get a base Mustang with nothing in it, not even a radio, and you could add the options that you wanted. I remember these cars with a 5.0 V8 starting at around $8,500 base (Canadian dollars) and you just added what you wanted. The car could run up to $10,000 or $15,000 or $18,000 depending on what options you wanted and how deep your pockets were. An A/C would cost about a grand if you wanted that, and I remember seeing mechanics in the shop installing them. If you wanted power windows they would take off the door panel and install the motor and window guides. If you wanted a radio that was another hundred bucks and they'd install that as well. Ford needs to get back to offering real base model cars again and allow the customers to choose the options that they want. The dealer I use to work at would even repaint cars for you if they didn't have the colour that you wanted, it would cost a few bucks but they would do it. I hate how they work now. If you want a certain option you have to get a package you don't want to get it. Like if you want certain kind of wheels they'll tell you that you have to upgrade to leather seats or someting stupid like that. Or if you want a DVD player they'll tell you you have to upgrade to a GPS and rear park assist or some other crap you don't want, they really don't give you any choices. So come on Ford get back to offering real base model cars and let us the customers chose the options that we want.
Michael Pfaff 09/19/2011
Although I may not agree with your "tastes" I do agree with your basic idea of providing more customization options on the base model. A good example to replicate would be the Scion line. You can purchase dealer upgrades on all of their models, from dress-up kits to performance intakes and exhausts. Why not do the same with the Mustang? It's no secret the mustang is the most commonly customized vehicle in America, factory/dealer customizing makes perfect sense.