Mustang tail lights

By Mark L.

Please Ford indent the tail lights on the new Mustang. I had a 1967 with the lighting I am speaking of. It looks so much better and will certainly be safe if you size it correctly and use the new l.e.d. technology. The taillights just turn me off on the new "Stang". I do like the sequence directional idea as in the Shelby of the past.
stangman 08/02/2013
Yes, I agree! The slanted taillights on the new mustangs look more like what you'd expect to find on a Toyota Camry. The rear of the car is also to plain and fat looking from the bottom of the taillights down to the pipes. It's a shame because the front and sides of the car look great. Stang Man
paolo socci 11/09/2010
YES, PLEASE change the tail lights on the new mustangs, I'm in love with the 5.0s but the second I look at the rear of the car it makes me want to buy a pre 2010 mustang. The original tail lights are much classier looking, especially on models like the Bullitt.